Some feedback received from my Sessions and Classes



"...recently my son, who is 5 years old, has been struggling with sleepless nights and not able to be in his own bed at all, this has been going on for 7 months.  I brought him to see Sophie for some meditation therapy, of which throughout he felt so relaxed and at ease.  I am very pleased to report that he is now sleeping all through the night and in his own bed!  He frequently asks to listen to the recorded meditation because it helps him to fall asleep. He is calmer and generally a lot happier. She creates a safe space and her approach is gentle with a great sincerity. Not to mention her soothing, soft, resonant voice – it’s actually impossible not to feel relaxed!" A.B Stoke 


"I took my teenage son to see Sophie after he had struggled with the angst and stress of GCSE's, A levels and life as a teenager.  Having previously been a laid back easy going and upbeat child, he struggled with the pressures of trying to perform at a level he felt others believed he should be working at.  After one session with Sophie, my son has returned to the charismatic and fun loving boy he had previously been and he has found the voice and courage to change his plans for his future education.   Sophie's style of working is professional, but also relaxed and welcoming."  SB, Surrey


"….He has had a wonderful day, his teacher called and said how lovely and calm and happy he was.  Thank you so much again, you are amazing, kind, lovely person. And so great at what you do.... After successful sessions with Sophie our son learnt new coping tactics for his challenging behaviour and showed improvement in his concentration at school.. Sophie is a very welcoming, relaxed therapist who I wouldn't hesitate to call again." M.B London


Personal Wellbeing Sessions


" I wanted to send you a quick note this morning to say a HUGE thank you! Can you believe that I am truly and genuinely feeling strong, confident, powerful and potent! I even woke up this morning, amazingly, for the first time in ages, without a pit of anxiety in my stomach! I have managed to carve out the time to listen again to the meditations from yesterday. They are so encouraging, strengthening, and real."


“After our session my whole outlook on life has changed. Without even noticing it all my friends have been telling me that they have not seen me this happy in years and I started to notice the change myself. My main, I guess, issue as such at that point was the fact that I am the age that I am and still single and without any prospects for a change. I started to not dwell on it, but to see the positives in the single life and be excited and not scared about my future, which is a massive improvement for me.”


I have listened to your CD a handful of times, usually when I am feeling overburdened to be honest and I get to a point of saying, "Steve, take the kids, I need an hour with my headphones on!' I did listen the other day and it really does feel afterwards like I've been plugged into an energy socket, it can turn my mood/feelings around dramatically.  I must remember to listen to it regularly and not just as a crisis fix! Sarah, Llewellyn, Australia 


"Hi Sophie, just wanted to let you know that i never expected the effect your session had on me today, I feel like I can breath free. Thank you so much! " 


' When I have been in turmoil and had immense pressures and worries I have found through Sophie's guided meditations have led me to a peaceful and calm state which allows me to flourish once more.  I have revisited all of the meditations I have done with Sophie and find great comfort and draw strength from them.  Highly recommended.' Anne D



Sophie, does deep and transformative work with her personal mediations. I have really noticed and felt the shifts that I have made from her personal meditations. The work she does through mediations brings clarity and  has helped me overcome blocks that I have had in my life. I am very grateful to have met Sophie and really feel I have benefitted on many levels from her mediations since I began them with her a few years ago.  CH, London


" thank you for the session the other day and to say I feel 100 times better since…

 Definitely something has shifted and I feel lighter and more positive and opportunistic rather than in that awful mental state of doom and gloom that I was in when I saw you! So thank-you for that!" Carina, London



"I will be eternally grateful for my path crossing that of Sophie's. She is so talented. At the time of meeting Sophie not only was I mentally clouded but starting to [be] physically ill. Intuitively and with accuracy Sophie was able to help me focus on bringing about the changes I wanted to make in my life. I am so grateful for the guidance and help that Sophie has brought me. I might not understand completely how this has worked but it has! In this very short space of time I am healthy and have clarity of mind and so much in my life has improved." Anonymous 38, from Cornwall


"I have been to see Sophie twice recently on a personal issue and then separately a work issue.  Sophie's approach is kind, can-do, practical and because she has great insight, hugely helpful.  Sophie helped me address a work issue that has been upsetting me, affecting my work and attitude to work for 6 months in just one hour.  The session gave me the courage to approach the situation differently and I have now agreed a way forward to fix it with my line manager. A real relief.  "  Emily, London


I came to see Sophie when I was feeling really out of sorts in myself I had just recently been made unemployed and I was going through a variety of challenges in my personal life and was struggling with depression and a chronic health problem. The first thing Sophie got me to do was to email her my “issues” as best I knew them, before our first session.  This was a very cathartic process and it meant that when we did get together face to face, it felt like Sophie already knew me and time was spent more on the healing than on the “drama” of the stories in my life.  Three sessions later, I feel like a totally new woman and the depression has evaporated and now I am left feeling lighter and more optimistic.   As I write this (two weeks since the last session with Sophie), I am amazed at how fabulous I feel.  I still face a lot of challenges, but I am ready to tackle them and she even managed to help my health issue.


"I just wanted to thank you for your part in helping me and encouraging me in finding a more fulfilling life.  Gradually I have begun to see that there is a better life for me and learned how to attract good things and people into my life - including a lovely man.  I am very happy with him as he is with me.  As ever, I am still learning and it is through meditation that I begin to understand more and as a result I allow more into my life.    I feel as though I have been given a very precious gift of a new life". Theresa, London


Meditation Classes


Thank you for holding such a lovely meditation class on Tuesday- I have been feeling amazing all week! The more of your classes I attend, the more positive I feel, it really has been quite life changing. Fiona Macnaughton-Jones, London


"Thanks again for an excellent morning [meditation] today. It was really first class. I feel ten years younger !" Ian Surrey


I felt grounded, confident, enabling me to see life through a different positive perspective. DS


"Sophie’s guided meditations are warm, healing and deeply relaxing. Afterwards I always feel as a weight’s been lifted of my shoulders, I feel happier, more at ease and relaxed and this feeling can last for a long time! " Erica, London



" I have recently been on one of Sophie's guided meditation courses which has been immensley enriching and empowering.  Sophie has her gentle and loving energy that gives a strong platform to explore and get in touch with inside yourself…..and guided me to a deeper place.  The energy created in the room was palpable and left me feeling warm hearted and loved.  I would thoroughly recommend her. Anne, Surrey



"Thanks again for an excellent morning [meditation] today. It was really first class. I feel ten years younger !"


"…Wonderful & rare inner stillness" Kate


“Totally relaxing and centring , VG, London


“The work you do is amazing!” FJ, London


“I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to attend your classes. I have been feeling so much more uplifted, thinking more positively and have started to see the beauty in things around me that I so often took for granted- thank you.”


“What a lovely class on Tuesday.  Thank you.  I found the meditation really powerful.”