If you feel yourself a bit off centre, rushed or stressed this short meditation is perfect. I can be done anywhere, at any time and can be done for as little as one minute or as long as you feel! It is really easy to do and is fun.
One Minute Calm Meditation
You can also do this meditation without closing your eyes if you are in a public place.
Look around you and choose the perfect spot away from your normal routine if you can. If you are at work and can't take a break from your desk this meditation will still work for you.  This is valuable break from all technology.
Start by taking a few gentle, deep breaths and imagine a feeling of calm coming into your body. To do this say, the work CALM mentally with each in breathe. Just saying the word repeatedly will cue your body to respond. Your endocrine system will also start to release feel good hormones. With every out breathe imagine tension and stress leaving you by mentally saying the word RELEASE.  As you inhale mentally say the word CALM as you exhale mentally say the word RELEASE. You can continue for as long as you wish, but as little as 30 seconds - 1 minute will make you feel more balanced, centred and calm.

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