So many people say they have trouble getting to sleep or find they get into a pattern of waking up and not being able to get back to sleep. If this is you, instead of worrying about something, or just worrying you aren't getting enough sleep try this meditation!
Sleep Meditation
This is a wonderful meditation if you find you wake up in the night or just can't get to sleep.
Lie on your back and gently place one hand on the upper part of the abdomen and one on the lower part of the abdomen.  The hands should feel gentle and relaxed on your tummyl. Keep your awareness on the tummy, as you observe the rise in the abdomen as you breathe in and fall of the abdomen as you breathe out. Continue in this way, as the longer you do it the more and more relaxed you become. This is an effective way of clearing the mind and allowing the body to calm and settle as you drift into sleep.

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