If you find you are feeling anxious or stressed and don’t have time to sit and do an meditation, then this is a quick way to let go of tension and anxiety.  Ideally you would do this with your eyes closed and find a couple of minutes quietly to yourself. But this could also work if you are on the move. The key is to be able to understand what you are feeling and be able to visualise the sea washing over you and washing the aggitation away.
Quick De-Stress Meditation
To let go of  unwanted stress, imagine yourself standing beside the sea shore.
Next, identify what emotion is causing you stress at this time eg. tension, confusion, frustration etc.
As you see yourself standing on the sand by the edge of the sea, imagine yourself breathing in deeply as the wave crashes against the shore.  Standing strong and steady, breath out deeply and imagine the wave taking away the unwanted emotion.
Continue in this way, seeing yourself standing firmly on the shoreline, breathing in and out with the rhythm of the waves allowing the waves to carry away your stress.

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