I wrote this meditation for Healthy Food Guide to help people resist a craving to eat a biscuit (or several) as soon they come home from work, or indeed reach for a glass of wine.  It is very tempting to do this if you have had a particularly exhausting or stressful day, but if you can take 10 minutes out when you get home to unwind you will find yourself become more centred and grounded and make better choices for you and your body for the rest of the evening.
Meditation to Relax at the end of the day
Find quiet spot, such as your bedroom, or garden if you have one. Sitting down and make yourself comfortable, then close your eyes and connect with your breathing. Become aware of the breath coming in and out of the nose (or mouth).  If you have had a stressful day, your breath may be short or uneven, that is okay. Continue to focus on your breathing as in doing so you start bring your attention to ‘the present moment’. Be aware of yourself sitting, how your feet feel, how your legs feel, how your body feels, perhaps your body is starting to feel more heavy as you connect with your breathing. After some time your breathing will naturally start to become deeper more even. When that happens imagine your breath is going up your spine as in you inhale and down your spine as you exhale. As you breathe you imagine the breath going up the spine and as you breath out  the breath coming down the spine. The breathing should feel natural balanced and steady. Continue in this way until you feel your head is clearer, your breathing deeper and your body more relaxed.

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