With Summer just around the corner, the days are now lighter and perhaps you have a holiday planned perhaps you want to shed a few pounds.  It is much easier to lose weight in the Summer as people naturally have more energy because of the longer days and access to sunshine.  This meditation brings awareness to your eating, your pattern of eating, and to assist those wishing to find it easier to eat more moderately.
Mindful Eating Meditation for Weight loss
How many times do you find yourself reaching for for food without thinking, or eating a meal so quickly that you don’t feel satisfied. To appreciate food and value your body try this easy, yet powerful mindfulness technique.
Before you reach to eat whatever like the look of, ask your body if it is what it needs. By asking this, you instantly involve your whole being, in choosing and bring yourself into the present moment. When making your meal or eating ready prepared food, such as a sandwich, have a sense of gratitude for the food, and all involved in bringing the food to you. This will immediately allow you to value your food.
Before eating the food, imagine all thoughts floating away. To do this, see thoughts drifting into the sky, or see them move to the side of you, bringing some detachment from mental chatter. This will also bring you into the moment. Then take a few deep breaths before you eat, and imagining any tension, worry and stress leaving your body. Feel yourself becoming more relaxed; your tummy, your breathing, your whole self. With each bite of food you feel more connected to the here and now and more aware of the experience of eating.
Use all your senses as you enjoy your food. Take in the aroma of the food, the colour, the taste and texture as you feel the food on your tongue and within your mouth. Allow your breath to become steady and even, as you eat more slowly and pause between mouthfuls. Eating with more mindfulness allows you to listen and respond to your body when you are full, enjoy the experience of eating more, and feel more satified.

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